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I’m so tired all the time, bleeeehhhh

I am trying to eat more protein so that my body is not just wasting a way every time I get some exercise but even so, every time I lightly exercise for a few days then my body is completely wiped out.

On the up side, it solved my insomnia problem though.  Yeah now I’m sleeping like 10+ hours and can’t get up in the morning, it’s kind of the opposite problem.

Yeah…  I think I’m going to undo all the lucky bags and redo them.  X_x

I did make goodie bags but now I am thinking they may be a bad idea.  I don’t want people to be angry if they get some random keychain and a used anime toy. 

I think I’m going to make lucky bags with a lot of the random toys and stuff that doesn’t sell.  I have been carrying it around for years and I don’t really feel like displaying it anywhere.

Okay, here’s the panels I’ll be doing at A-kon!

Traditional and Digital Comicking Basics for Webcomics :
A look into the art of making comics the traditional way using tones, both hardcopy and digital and applying them for use in online comics and print media.
- Lavender Legend

Filthy Figments - The Art of Risque Comics — 18+!!
Join the ladies of Filthy Figments, the erotic adult webcomics produced entirely by women, for an adventure into writing, drawing, producing, what to do and what not to do in the land of adult content.
- Devil’s Panties, Lavender Legend (and Tessa Woodis)

Methods in Digital Coloring and Illustration :
An in depth look into the craft of painting using digital techniques and programs such as Photoshop, OpenCanvas, Painter and tablets.
- Lavender Legend

I went to the post office, but I had forgotten my wallet.

At least I got a good walk in.

Since Mike “WHERE THE FUCK IS MY SHIRT” Prokop woke me up this morning, I think maybe I’ll do some more post office drop-offs before it gets crazy hot outside.

If you live in Westeros and you get invited to a wedding, just don’t go.

To get the Lavender Legend books for A-kon I need about $200, so we’ll see if that will work out if I save the patreon funds and if I get a few affiliate sign-ups between now and then.